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OneAccessSpace is in early stage development. Please read on for a glimpse into our work and vision.
If you are interested in becoming involved or in supporting our work, please contact the Founder of OneAccessSpace, Kim Adlard at: 


OneAccessSpace is a resource connector that helps people affected by cancer with finding support throughout the cancer continuum while inspiring personal and community engagement.

OneAccessSpace is a searchable, multi-component online resource that provides people living with and impacted by cancer information regarding available supports and services.

By collecting information on current services, events, programs, activities and opportunities (employment/volunteer/committee/advocacy involvement) across all cancer communities, OneAccessSpace serves as a first access point to springboard further action. OAS acts as a resource bridge that aids those affected by cancer in connection and direction.

OneAccessSpace is a vehicle for engagement within the complex cancer system.

In addition to providing support and resource options, OAS will host a community sharing space. The components that make up this space will be a “Spotlight” on programs/engagements page as well as articles showcasing healing-based strategies, experiences and resources. Contributions will include pieces written by “thriver survivors” (people who embrace their survivorship – who have potential to inspire others) and others who are involved with the cancer wellness community.

People living with cancer can play a significant and powerful role in their journey. I personally have realized and witnessed in others that our involvement can impact our experience. This starts with developing the awareness of what is available in terms of support, services and complementary programs and activities. The capacity to engage in our trajectory exists in all of us. We just, at times, need help in realizing that awareness.

Cancer strikes without prejudice but people from all walks of life and within all levels of the cancer community can be united in a common goal of coping with this life-altering event.

You may contact OneAccessSpace for more information or to express interest in involvement, sponsorship and funding.

T: 416.689.7364
E: info@oneaccess.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OneAccessSpace


Bridging Support and Unifying Community – OAS serves as a connector.

Provide access to resource based information for people affected by cancer in order to cultivate the support and personal engagement that will optimize wellness and recovery.

S – Support
P – Programs
A – Advocacy
C – Community
E – Empowerment

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